Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Is this thumb green??

I have always had a fascination with plants. The fact that such a wonderful thing can erupt from a tiny seed with just a bit of water to stimulate it, amazes me. My family and I have never really considered ourselves avid gardeners or "green thumbs." For the longest time I have considered my thumb any other shade except green as the only things that seem to grow pretty successfully are the potatoes and garlic in my fridge...and sometimes the cheese >_<. In fact I am pretty sure that I have cultivated some excellent strains of Penicillum (the mold that creates penicillin) over the years. I removed a pretty furry specimen the other day that I am sure could have cured many infections worldwide. 

When I was younger, some plants did ok in our house but they always seemed to be struggling. We have never been able to figure out how to make our favourite plants bloom again. (If anyone knows a guaranteed way to make orchids grow, let me know.) Struggling plants sometimes got placed outside on the deck by my father who insisted that they just needed some "fresh air." Of course these poor things always turned into brown, crispy twigs shortly after. 

This year, determined to learn how to become a green thumb I decided to teach myself how to be a gardener. Living in a downtown apartment with no balcony doesn't give me too many options, but i decided to try anyway. 

The advent of the internet and various search engines has been a miraculous thing. All one needs to do now a days if they are trying to learn a new skill or hobby is to look it up and immediately the answers are at their fingertips. Gone are the days when we needed to rely on friends, family or books for information. 

So armed with a few packets of seeds, some dirt, my computer, and some old yogurt or milk containers, I began my mission. I started off planting some tomatoes, strawberries and a few herbs. The herbs didn't do well from seed but the others are thriving. (The ones I have pictured are pre-started sprouts) After a few trials and errors, overwatering mishaps and occasional droughts, I now have a nice little window garden. I even just got my first strawberry the other day. I ate it and it was delicious! I think if this goes well I might just have to try a few more plants like maybe lettuce perhaps?

Here are some of the pictures of my window garden. I will keep you posted with the developments. 

p.s. I have since upgraded the containers as the plants were getting too large. Yogurt containers worked wonderfully but make sure that you poke some drainage holes in the base. I crumbled chunks of styrofoam in the bottom to ensure proper drainage as well. I also used the lids as dishes underneath. It worked out quite nicely. :)


Tomatoes and some herbs

Tomatoes and herbs

Sage and Oregano

My first strawberry!

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