Monday, 23 July 2012

Babies and Blankets

Well there is one thing for certain working in an agency of 140 women; (Besides the intense sugar and chocolate cravings at around 2:30pm everyday) there is ALWAYS someone pregnant at any given moment in time. 

Recently two of my close co-workers were having new little ones come into their families. So in a crochet madness of yarn and hooks, I managed to whip up two very adorable baby blankets for them. I must admit I am quite pleased with the results. One was a Chevron pattern and the other was a Bavarian crochet pattern. 

I have posted the images and pattern's below for you to try. 

Chevron Blanket- I only did 80 rows 

Easy Chevron Baby Blanket

sc= single crochet
ch= chain
J crochet hook and about 6-9 balls of yarn. (you may end up using 1.5 balls of the colours you doubled up) 

Row 1-
Chain 134

Row 2-10
skip first ch, sc 6, *sc 3 in same chain, sc 7, skip 2, sc 7*, repeat ** till the last 8 chains. sc 3 in same chain, sc 6, don't crochet in last chain but instead chain 1. (This method of sc 3 in the same stitch will cause the peaks and the method of skipping two will cause the valley's)

Change colours after 10 rows. Pattern requires a total of 90 rows or 9 colour changes of 10 rows each. (I only did 80 rows since I ran out of time)
Closeup of the Chevron Blanket

Note: I crocheted the whole pattern in the back stitch to give it that ribbed effect. 

To change colours: when about 8 stitches away from end of row, lay new colour on top and weave it in as you finnish row. When it comes time to turn the corner, start using the new colour and then weave the old colour's tail into the first few stitches then cut off. 

Bavarian Crochet Baby Blanket

J crochet hook. As many yarn colours as you want. Note: as the pattern gets larger, each stripe uses more yarn.

This blanket is a lot harder to post an easy pattern. Instead I have posted the youtube link for the woman I learned the pattern from. (user: tjw1963) She is very good at explaining slowly. 

 And here is my final product:
Bavarian Crochet Baby Blanket


  1. Yayyyy!!! You started a blog! Love it! And thanks for the patterns :) ~Steph