About Me

Born in Edmonton, raised in Calgary, I have lived in a large city all my life. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing in 2005 I promptly took off to South Korea. "To do what?" might you ask...to be an English teacher of course! (Which by the way is COMPLETELY related to my studies... *Scoff Scoff*) While there I still continued my practice very sporadically. 

Upon returning to Canada my style moved more towards illustration and design. I now enjoy crafting when I can, crochet, cake decorating, painting as well as finding cheap and easy, heartfelt ways to gift. Also to fight against the rage of consumerism in Calgary I try to live as green as I can, finding uniques ways to reuse and recycle items I find.

I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in my blog to bring creativity into your own life. 

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