Friday, 21 September 2012

Glitter, Sparkles and More Rainbows!

Today is our big annual Bellydance show. I am so excited! It will be about two hours of dancing from dancers all over Calgary. I am rushing around this morning trying to make sure that I have all my pieces  for my 5 costumes. I still need to stitch a few and make a head scarf for one of the outfits. On another day I will post how to properly construct your own Bellydance bra and belt since today is a bit to busy of a day. 

Yesterday, I ended up making one of those crayon drip paintings that have been all over the internet recently. Why do I need a rainbow painting on my wall? Well for starters, melting crayons was so much fun! I know everyone has made one of these but I still really wanted to try. I borrowed my man's heat gun (which he bought purely for melting stuff such as crayons) and went to town on the canvas. They melted so fast with that thing. Secondly, a friend of mine loves rainbows and I have been meaning to make this as a present for her for a while. Hopefully she enjoys it. :)

Melting crayons is fun!

Finished drips

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