Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cards and Painting

Last weekend a friend of mine came over and taught me how to make cards in exchange for a basic painting class. I had a blast. She taught me all about the different types of ink, medias and things you can do with cards. I think this could possibly become a very dangerous hobby for me. (Like I need another hobby) So after a bit of instruction I made a few cards for Christmas. 

After she left I decided to make a few more cards for Halloween but found out I was a bit limited since I didn't have all the same fancy tools she did. I will say however though if you have a good ruler and you are precise, that you can make due without a card cutter if need be. Also I didn't have a stamp cleaning pad like she did so I improvised. 

I took a piece of rag from my scrap bin that was sweatshirt material. I chose this one because it has a bit of fuzzy to it. I cut it in half and put one of the pieces on a small plate. This one was my wet cloth so I dampened it with water. The second piece was my dry cloth. I must say that these both worked out pretty good and cleaned up my stamps pretty sparkly new. 

All and all I had a blast and thank her for her wonderful instruction. 

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